Top 8 reputable football betting sites (Part 2)

Fun88 bookmaker

Fun88 always ensures the extra link system for players to access when it is blocked by the network operator. Fun88 since its inception, has not left any bad reputation. Though players are always shy about online bookmakers. However, when it comes to Fun88, they are always happy, ready to deposit their money into their accounts.

To get the results today, the Fun88 bookmaker must bring to the players the value of trust from their own products and services. In particular, football betting is always the first priority for Fun88’s customers.

188Bet football betting site

Next on the list is 188Bet football betting site. This dealer built with a very simple interface but easy to use. Quality football betting products are always guaranteed. Including real soccer betting and virtual soccer betting. Either way, the winnings will always be returned in full and quickly. Joining 188Bet is quite simple, it only takes you a few minutes to create an account.

football betting sites - Top 8 reputable football betting sites (Part 2)

Letou bookie

It will be flawed if we ignore the Letou dealer. This house was born with the main goal of providing the market with a safe playing field. All personal information, bank account data are completely confidential.

Players easily find for themselves quality bets that have a high chance of winning. With the payout rate that Letou brings, you easily reap a relatively large profit.

FB88 online football betting site

Last in the list of 8 reputable soccer betting sites is the FB88 bookie. A bookie with very good product quality with a series of timely updated soccer matches. The house is launched early, helping players to watch more effectively.

As long as players meet all the conditions, provide accurate and matching information, the withdrawal transaction is only from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Football betting at FB88 ensures fairness, transparency, without the house’s intervention in the final result.

The FB88 bookie also has many very attractive promotions for members to play sports betting at the house. New members only need to successfully register a play account to be rewarded with money to the account. During the first deposit, new members will also receive a bonus 150% of the deposit value. In addition, during the game at the house, members also have many opportunities to receive a 100% cashback promotion.