Major Sports Events Postponed for A Year Due to Covid-19

This year has been very tough for everyone. Covid-19 has turned people’s lives upside down. Not only our lives, but the education, economy, politics and everything else you can think of have been severely affected.

The sports industry has been affected too. Some major events were supposed to take place this year. However, the fate of some of these events is still undecided.

Tokyo Olympics 2020 is a major event that was supposed to take place this year. It was a much-awaited event. Though the organizers were reluctant to postpone it but considering the present situation, they decided to postpone it till next year.

The Canadian and Australian athletes denied participating in the Olympics if it held this year due to health reasons. Some people even voted to cancel the event. But the Olympic committee is against cancellation of the event and decided to postpone it for a year instead.

They had to go through a lot of challenges due to this. They had to decide on the logistics and other things.

Covid-19 has also affected the Euro 2020 and Copa America. These major events have been postponed till next summer. It is a great disappointment for football fans all over the world. But there was no other option.

Many people doubted that the events may be cancelled altogether. But considering the financial impact and other reasons, the organizers decided to postpone the events.

feature image Major Sports Events Postponed for A Year Due to Covid 19 Due to Covid 19 - Major Sports Events Postponed for A Year Due to Covid-19

These decisions have affected many promising players. Many of them were in their best form and postponing means that they must prepare again. Some players may think of retiring after this year’s events.

Now there is no guarantee that they will be able to participate in the next year’s events.

However, looking at the positive side, Covid-19 has given time for the athletes and players to train more. Though there is a limitation as they won’t be able to get the appropriate facilities like before, still they can get better prepared. Some players were injured, and they now have more time to recover.

These events take a lot of money and time to organize. This sudden outbreak of Covid-19 has caused a lot of trouble. Many businesses had to incur losses; this includes companies that sponsored the events.

Fans are also disappointed as they won’t be able to witness these major events this year.

We hope that things will get better next year. As the organizers have decided not to cancel the events, we can assume that no matter what situation with the pandemic will be next year, the show will still go on.