Top 8 reputable football betting sites (Part 1)

Because of the increasing need to participate in football betting, the number of online bookmakers has increased significantly in recent years. This helps to prevent the old bookmakers from being overloaded, expanding the playing field for everyone.

However, accompanied by a number of other consequences, such as the appearance of the fake dealer, cheating the player’s money. Here is a list of 8 soccer betting sites that we can trust.

K8 betting site

K8 is one of the top popular soccer betting sites in the market. This bookie is very prominent because of its football online betting service. K8 Group is headquartered in Manila and Philippines. Licensed to operate in online betting, including football betting. Therefore, players are assured of product quality here.

Since its operation in the Asian market, K8 has served players with many matches, large and small tournaments around the world.


The name M88 is no stranger to those who love online betting, love football betting. M88 has a history of more than 10 years in the betting market. All the products and services that this online site offers are aimed at the benefit of the user. From the friendly interface, to the process of depositing or withdrawing bonuses to bank cards are very simple.

Top 8 reputable football betting sites Part 1 - Top 8 reputable football betting sites (Part 1)


We also cannot ignore the name V9Bet, one of the highly regarded football bookmakers. Here, matches in leagues such as the Premier League, La Liga, the Cup C1. Or the matches from the biggest season on the planet World Cup are also regularly updated.

The house is launched very early, which is why players at V9Bet have a chance to see more accurately. The information that V9Bet provides on its homepage also contributes to the player’s convenience. Customer support and care services operate 24/24. Whenever you need an enthusiastic, cheerful consultant.


Parallel to M88 is the W88 dealer. If you have ever bet on football, you will certainly hear the name W88 many times. Licensed by an authorized online betting organization, W88 always complies with all rules and regulations in the online betting business.

Of course, football betting at W88 is always exciting, the number of participants is large. Many matches, many types of rafters bring rich choices for players. Besides, attractive promotions and promotions take place continuously. This is an opportunity for players to have more money, serving the betting process, increasing their chances of winning.