How The Pandemic Has Affected Sports Betting

Sports betting is very popular in Australia. It is a huge market and lots of competitions take place domestically. People here not only bet on the local events but also the international competitions.

However, the pandemic has changed the entire scenario. Like other businesses, sports betting companies are also suffering huge losses.

Most of the land-based sports betting companies or casinos are shut down due to health concerns. The online casinos are there, but a smaller number of people are now betting. One reason for this is that there is hardly any live match going on.

feature image How The Pandemic Has Affected Sports Betting 2 - How The Pandemic Has Affected Sports Betting

Another reason is that people don’t have much disposable money for betting as they are facing challenges in the job market.

All the major tournaments and events have been postponed or cancelled like the AFL, Tokyo Olympics 2020, Copa America 2020, and others. Australia was supposed to take part in Copa America in 2020 for the first time, so punters were looking forward to betting on this event.

People are now betting on sports that were not so popular for betting before the pandemic, like table tennis and esports. They now bet on fantasy sports as well. The good news is that from July the situation has started to become better.

Casinos and sports companies are opening, and the local and international matches will be held soon as well.

Hopefully, things will get normal soon. We can expect the normal betting scene to be back with the major events that are to commence within months.